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school2Childhood moves fast. Jinsey keeps up.

A representative package from a previous NYC private preschool shoot:

Shooting outside with natural light, nationally acclaimed photojournalist, Jinsey Dauk will follow the children’s lead to get the best documentary style photos — no intrusions with flash set ups or big lighting.

You will receive (from your child’s teacher) an USB external hard drive stick that will include all of your child’s Class Group photos, and all your child’s Single Portraits (Just YOUR Child’s Portraits, and approx 5 – 10 images in each category.)

With such a wide selection of images from which to choose, you’ll have the freedom to have the most FUN with the shots: You can change a color shot into a Black and White, Sepia, etc. You’ll be able to crop or choose any Photoshop effect when you print or email the pics.

CHOICE A: Your child’s Class Group Shots + your child’s OWN SINGLE PORTRAITS
Pre-Shoot: $75
Post Shoot: $90

CHOICE B: Your child’s Class Group Shots only: (not including your child’s Single Portraits)
Pre-Shoot: $50
Post Shoot: $65

Please contact Jinsey directly for more information or to book a shoot for your child’s school!