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“Jinsey captures the spontaneity of children far better than traditional school photographers! I love that she shoots in color and in black and white.”
— School Administrator, Tiffany

“Jinsey works creative magic with kids, engaging them playfully and naturally with ease and with her own sense of joie de vivre, love, and beauty.”

“Jinsey is able to capture the natural poses that I, as a parent, cherish so deeply!”
— Deborah

“Jinsey doesn’t just take pictures. She isn’t a bystander behind a camera lens doing a job. She naturally embeds herself in the scene and becomes just another one of the people there. The result is photos that capture the true essence of people…photos that stick in your memory for years. She’s a real pro!”
— Greg

“Youʼre fun! Youʼre funny! And you understand what kids like!”
— Brittyn, satisfied 5 year old client