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headshots2“Jinsey’s got plenty of verve and so do her headshots. I wouldn’t send actors to anybody else!”
— Camille Hickman, Associate Casting Director for Lincoln Center Theatre, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Sex & The City


“By all accounts, Jinsey Dauk is one of the most successful headshot photographers in New York City.”
— Eric Rudoph, Photo District News


“Jinsey’s photos give a glimpse of the actor beyond a pretty face. However she does it, whether it’s by relaxing people or her use of lighting, she seems to have an ability to catch people in a candid moment when they are relaxed and their eyes, which have to communicate 90 percent of the personality, have a bright and alert look to them even if the person is not smiling.”
— Anita Guerrera, Casting director for the Jordan, McGrath, Case & Taylor advertising agency.


“Jinsey’s pictures are the best and are a great help in casting! We can really judge the presence and spontaneity of the performer!”
— Geoff Johnson & Vinnie Liff, Johnson & Liff Casting & Associates (Of Broadway Musical fame “The Producers”,”Rent”, “Les Miserables”)


“You have made my daughter walk taller this week. She loves her photos! They are awesome! It was such a boost to have you pawing all over her to show her how beautiful she is! Her day with you talented hard workers was fabulous. I can’t thank you and your assistant enough!”
— Shelly


“A lot of actors don’t like having their picture taken because they think it’s about posing. But it’s not like that at all; it’s doing and being. Actors are really at home with doing and being because that’s what they do on stage, and it’s what I’m trying to do with my head shots.”
— Jinsey, Backstage/Headshot Annual


“Hi Jinsey. The pictures are fantastic! Thank you so much. We will not hesitate to recommend you to others.”
— Cheryl


Oh, Jinsey, thank you so much! It was so wonderful to work with you! You are so good at what you do that you make it look easy, but I know you have infinite talent and experience under your gracious and seamlessly calm demeanor. You have a way of being in relationship with the headshotee, me in this case, which made me feel 100% comfortable, welcome, capable and fascinated. And all this without seeming to baby me or be condescending in any way. — and I do mean WITHOUT! The kid gloves you wore when handling my mind and emotions were just exactly right! It was mind-blowing, the endless energy and interest you had in the project of taking pictures of me in all my outfits and with different backgrounds and in different positions. I could not believe we’d been there 3 hours when Walter called from work. My job of “sitting” for these photos seemed easy and interesting and I had no idea how the time was passing…
PS As far as the pics go, they are amazing!! Thank you!”
— Mary Ellen