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“Youʼre fun! Youʼre funny! And you understand what kids like!”
– Brittyn, satisfied 5 year old client

Shooting with natural light, nationally recognized photojournalist, Jinsey Dauk, follows the childrenʼs lead to get the best documentary style photos. That means no intrusions with big flash setups that intimidate the kids. And no fake, flat backgrounds!

ZOOOOOOM! Jinsey Makes Things Click!

“I’m dizzy after some of those shoots,” Jinsey says, her voice brimming with amusement. “I follow the kids’ lead, so there’s a lot of movement involved.” That may be an understatement. Although Jinsey Dauk is a professional photographer who brings experience as an acclaimed actress, artist and model to her photo shoots, she’s also a kid at heart. Her childlike spirit endears her to children, & they quickly respond to her playful approach. In the faces of the children she photographs, you’ll see innocence, mystery, joy, silliness and the peace that only children know—but you’ll never see boredom.

Jinsey’s exuberance may be the first thing you notice about her; her commitment to capturing the essence of childhood in stunningly original documentary-style photography is what stays with you. By shooting in natural light with a fast shutter speed, she catches the fleeting look in a child’s eyes, and quicksilver emotion on a face. Whether the final photograph is produced in color or black and white, Jinsey’s intimate relationship with light & shadows makes her work stand out.

Nationally known for her fine art photography, portraiture and photo-journalism features that have appeared in art shows and the most prestigious periodicals, it’s her artistic eye that allows her to easily cross genres. Children’s photography is one of her passions. Kids live life in the moment. Jinsey does, too.

Keeping Up with Childhood
In addition to in-school photography, Jinsey Dauk Photography offers plans for semi-annual or tri-annual photo shoots to capture your children throughout their growing up years. Your child’s photo can be taken outside in natural light, or in Jinsey’s sun-filled studio. Ask about pricing and discounts!