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Wedding Photography Testimonials

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wedding_long2The most significant trend in wedding photography, according to Jinsey Dauk is “the rebirth and love of black & white photography. Things have come full circle. Where our mothers were the first to have color in their wedding albums, their daughters see black & white as having a timeless, nostalgic feeling. Nothing in these photos suggest a time period.”
— From the publishers of “Modern Bride” Magazine
“Your presence on our big day was truly a blessing. From the intimate candid moments to the formal shots, you truly caught all the love and joy on everyone’s face. And the luminescent spirit of Sedona shines through in every image. The pictures of my husband and me are so meaningful and perfect; I could not have asked for more. All warmth, love, and beauty of how we felt resonates from every frame. You truly delivered. Your personality and style put everyone at ease. Thank you for bringing all your love, joy, and expertise to our big day! May it come back to you twofold!”
— Erin