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Portrait Pricing/Info

Corporate Portraits


DSC_3616 - Version 2 copy Pricing/Discount

Shoot Sessions start at $400.

I also offer a bundle discount should your entire company shoot with me. Let”s discuss the details!

Each shoot sessions include:

150+ digital images
USB external hard drive stick of high resolution print ready images which are perfect for emails, website usage, and large prints for PR.

Bookings and questions, give a call! 212-243-0652


DSC_5457Helpful Info!

I allot one hour per shoot but of course if you need more time we will accommodate!

We don’t use flash here! After modeling with Ford for 12 years, I’ve learned it’s  just too darned hard to time your “look” to the flash and stay natural. With flash, your eyes become hesitant, posed, tired, dead, stilted – exactly the opposite of what you want in a headshot! Your eyes will attract a lot more attention when they are doing something, when they are communicating – when they are alive, approachable, spontaneous and full of light! The easiest way for us to achieve that is to shoot with natural light! (It’s also not necessary to spend extra money on a makeup artist whose main job is to combat that jarring flash” and annoying flash)




DSC_7277_RT copyClothing

Wear business attire; what you would wear to work. To insure that your eyes stay the most important part of your picture, clothes should direct the attention to your face. Solid colored items work best! White shirts can sometimes take too much attention away from your face and might wash you out. If the white is under something, then it can sometimes work. So feel free to bring it but in addition to another colored shirt. Textures are wonderful. For men, if you wear ties, bring a few different ones so we can see what looks best.




  DSC_6684 - Version 2My Easy Approach

Nobody comes in here saying “I just can’t wait to get my headshots done!” So here are a few things that will make things go easier, and we actually do have fun!

We have music! There are plenty of options here to choose from and to help enjoy the experience.

You’re in my comfortable, warm, living room, looking through six huge 9 ft. windows by the Hudson River, instead of a cold steely studio.

Being on both sides of the camera, I’ve learned that the best sessions don’t have to take too long! Again, since we’re not using flash (where by definition shoots can take in excess of 3 hours, or even a grueling full day), An hour is all we need! If any more than 2 hours is spent, your eyes get tired.


DSC_0617I don’t advertise. One of the reasons I’m working so hard is because all my business comes from networking, word of mouth and recommendations from clients like you! What’s good about that is it’s proof that my work is working out there, and that I  get direct-up-to-date feedback on what works best! Three of the most V.I.P. things that people like in my shots are: 1) You look like yourself! An obvious, but a usually overlooked point. 2) There’s life, movement and a kind of 3-dimensionality in your shots, almost as if they were taken from an actual movie, and 3) Your EYES, EYES, EYES! They’re full of warmth, aliveness and light! You then become expressive, communicative and approachable! That is exactly what you want in a portrait! You’ll see more of how we get that in my video extraordinaire.

“What if it’s not sunny?”

I was on the waiting list for this apartment for 3 years just so I could answer this question with confidence! Since I have so much ambient light from the sky and from the water coming through these big windows, we always have GREAT light!


DSC_0638_2 copyHair and Makeup

The rule of thumb here is whatever you see in the mirror is exactly what you’re going to get! Men & Women: come to the shoot with hair and makeup already done, as if you’re going to a meeting or what you would wear during your work day. Bring makeup and hair stuff and we can add to it as we go along as needed. Men: wear no makeup. We’ll put stuff on you here if you need it.


Because of the way I shoot, most people choose not to retouch. However, it is totally up to you! I can recommend you retouchers that are the best in the city. I know them because we have worked together for 25 years. They know not to go too heavy and they work one on one with you. However, the way I shoot is very forgiving and hence more economical since most don’t retouch.

DSC_0114 copyDeposits

To schedule a shoot time, you’ll need to deposit $125 (plus tax, that’s $11.09 making the total deposit amount $136.09). The check should be made payable to JENNIFER DAUK and mailed to 50 Murray St #2109 NY NY 10007. If you have to postpone, you must call me at (212) 243-0652 by 8:00 a.m. 2 business days before your shoot date! (Saturday and Sunday ain’t business days.) For example, if your shoot is scheduled on Wednesday, call me on Monday by 8:00 a.m. to cancel or else, ouch, you lose your deposit. Sorry, no exceptions!