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Corporate Portraits



Corporate Portraits



Based in Tribeca and shooting in NYC for 28yrs, Jinsey is nationally recognized photojournalist, fashion and documentary-style portrait photographer. She specializes in shooting with natural light in her sun filled Tribeca studio.


“By all accounts, Jinsey Dauk is one of the most successful headshot photographers in New York City.” 

– Eric Rudoph, Photo District News


Patricia_Mendell_Thumb copyWhen your audience notices that you have a pro Corporate Portrait, then that shows them how serious you are about yourself and your career!

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook page, your business site, and all your PR and advertising that you work so hard on  —  ALL this Social Media has helped define the importance of a Professional  Portrait. Your photo literally connects you to your audience which is exactly what you want. Your photo shows folks that you are approachable, confident and sincere — someone they’d like to meet and work with!

The attention you pay to  your photograph is directly related to how much of your time and energy you devote to your career. It pays off when people notice, and will help your business grow.

Shoots take about an hour and include all High Resolution images.

You can come during your lunchtime!

My assistant and I will collaborate with you and choose one or two outfit changes.



DSC_7927 DSC_5457

DSC_7277_RT copy  DSC_6684 - Version 2

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DSC_3653 - Version 2 copy DSC_7878 copy

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The uniqueness of Jinsey Dauk’s
headshots is quite obvious.

Each photo emits a spirit, a personality, and a feeling. Jinsey uses a naturalistic approach in her photography. Instead of a studio with high powered lights, fancy cameras and the customary backdrops, Jinsey’s Tribeca studio is simple and welcoming. For light, she relies on sunshine streaming in from two nine-foot-high windows with a view of the Hudson River, and for a backdrop, she simply uses the decor of her apartment. Jinsey tells her clients, “The only way you know I’m taking your picture is from the sound of the shutter clicking.” Jinsey’s naturalistic approach produces flattering, relaxed, and true representations of each person.