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New York Magazine features Jinsey’s internet dating headshots

Posted on Jun 11, 2013 by in Headshots, Recent Features |



If your date looks better onscreen than in life, here’s why

When the first calls came in, says Jinsey Dauk, a photographer known for natural-light head shots of actors, she was puzzled. The clients were “sort of vague,” she says, about why they needed portraits. Eventually, the truth emerged: They wanted flattering photos for their Internet dating ads.
Since then, says Dauk, it’s turned into steady work, primarily from professionals in their thirties and forties. “We mostly do big-smile shots—Here I am! Not so much come-hither. I guess they save that for in-person.” Dauk says she’s shot more than 50 in recent months (at $850 per head, or $650 if they come through her website). And even a cursory look at reveals far more obviously professional photos than, say, a year ago. Does it work? Ask John (first name only, he pleads), who posted an ad with a run-of-the-mill snapshot, then took the plunge and hired Dauk. The difference was “dramatic,” he says. “I got ten times as many responses.”

Published in New York Magazine
By Christopher Bonanos